Owen Bauer


Owen Bauer

Owen Bauer of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, will be allowed to write his own bio.

According to his Facebook profile, however, he is a coal miner. The editorial staff wishes him the best in his inevitable battle with black lung.


Dec. 7, 2017

New York Stock Exchange

Economy on Pace for Record Growth

By Owen Bauer

US economic growth this year is set to outpace China, despite experts' warnings of instability.


Feb. 6, 2019

Matanuska Glacier

Global Warming Proved False

By Owen Bauer

New studies prove that climate change is non-existent, ending decades of controversy on the subject and clarifying the future of environmental policies.


June 9, 2021

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul To Be Renamed Constantinople

By Owen Bauer

Turkish officials cite strong American pressure in controversial plan to rename nation's largest city.


Aug. 9, 2019

Oil rig

Oil Prices Drop to Record Low

By Owen Bauer

Oil prices hit a record low following collapse of OPEC and expanded arctic drilling


Nov. 5, 2036

Donald Trump

Trump Elected to Unprecendented Sixth Term

By Owen Bauer

Political analysts are left scratching their heads yet again in the aftermath of an election in which Trump secured more than 100% of the vote.