Julia Ebert


Julia Ebert

Julia Ebert holds degrees from universities you probably haven't heard of, but believe me - they're great. Having spent seven years studying the human brain, she now uses it to her benefit to write the most convincing articles here.

Julia is currently studying for her PhD at Harvard University, making her judgement questionable as she is now one of those east coast elitists. However, she grew up on a northern Wisconsin moss farm in a middle class nuclear family, lending some credibility to claims she might make about understanding real America.

Upon creation of this site, Julia was one of its earliest contributors. In a court of law, she will deny masterminding this project and claims no responsibility for any content posted on it by herself or others.


Jan. 23, 2017

anti-obamacare protestors

Affordable Care Act Repealed

By Julia Ebert

Obamacare was rolled back immediately after the new congress came into session, accompanied by cuts to social security, medicare, and medicaid.


Sept. 14, 2020

Mars colony terraforming

Manned Mars Mission Ahead of Schedule

By Julia Ebert

Redirection of earth science research toward space exploration has pushed ahead the timeline for NASA's first manned Mars mission


March 8, 2018


Michigan's Upper Peninsula Returned to Wisconsin

By Julia Ebert

The transfer of the peninsula resolves long-standing issues following the Toledo War


Dec. 16, 2016

Tabby kitten

Scientists are Wrong: Kittens are World's Most Adorable Mammal

By Julia Ebert

A recent study in the UK found hedgehogs to be the most adorable animal. Here's why it's wrong.


May 12, 2022

Trump Putin kissing

Trump, Putin Enjoy Joint Vacation

By Julia Ebert

Presidents Trump and Putin enjoyed a joint vacation on the Turkish coast this week, describing it as an ideal opportunity to strengthen the nations' ties.